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Hi, I'm Jesse. Hairstylist
& Colorist

I'm a 28 years old. I've been behind the chair since 2016. I started my stylist career searching for a way to break the stigma of catty salons and mean girls. It didn't feel right to work in an industry meant to make people feel beautiful, yet walking into most salons felt like being thrown to the wolves. I was discouraged when my cosmetology instructors insisted that beauty standards were only judged by the makeup we wear and the hair colors we choose. Beauty is also measured by the heart and how you treat others!

I made my decision my first year into school: I want to make people feel beautiful. I want to encourage beautiful thoughts and beautiful behaviors. I swore to put an end to women going into salons not feeling good enough.

In my chair, you set the standard for your beauty. I'm here to help figure out what beauty means to you. I can't wait to meet you!

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